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Japanese TV ad Toyota

 in Germany at the


Japanese TV ad J.P. Gaultier

in Paris

Japanese TV ad Honda Legend Hybrid in Iceland

Japanese TV ad Toyota

 in Le Mans 24 Hours

Japanese TV ad Meiji Insurance

in Paris

Corporate Panasonic 4K Japan

with Neymar

in Barcelona

US TV series Hannibal Lecter

 in Paris

Japanese TV ad Acuvue lenses

with the goal keeper Kawashima

in Belgium

Japanese TV ad  Denso

In Iceland

International Corporate Powerade

with Teddy Riner

in Paris

002_JPG30_kanto_B_0912-HD 720p.m4v Honda Legend.m4v Le Mans Toyota MeijiYasuda_30.mp4 Nurburgring Toyota 30s 0723.m4v Panasonic Neymar.m4v Hannibal Season 3 Promo A Cannibal in Paris” (HD) - YouTube.mp4 Acuvue Kawashima .mp4 Denso_kankyo_60.m4v Subaru BRZ director version.mp4 Powerade Teddy Riner.mp4

US TV series Royal Pains

with Mark Feuerstein

in Provence and Monaco

International TV ad Ford RS

in Provence

US TV series Baskets

with Zach Galifianakis

in Paris

Japanese TV ad Subaru BRZ

in Barcelona

Japanese TV ad Fuji XE1 camera

with Actor Masahiro UCHIDA


Ford Focus RS on the road - YouTube2.mp4 Fuji Film XE1.m4v

International Corporate Subaru XV

in Marseille & Aix-en-Provence

Short film 25 mn French Kiss

Marriott Chain

in Paris

US TV series Parks & Recreations

with Amy Poehler

in Paris

US TV series Covert Affairs

director Doug Liman

with Piper Perabo in Paris

Thaïland TV ad Yamaha scooters

in Paris

French TV ad Revitive

in Ile de France

with Marion Game

US TV series Agents of Shield

director Joss Whedon

in Paris

US TV series Jane By Design

with Erika Dasher in Paris

Documentary TV series  Bird’s Eye Fuji TV

Provence, Normandy, Spain, Italiy, Iceland


Japanese TV ad Softbank

in Normandy & Chantilly

Subaru XV.m4v Covert.Affairs Paris action parcours toits.m4v Yamaha Fino Paris_45s.mp4 Softbank.mp4 Shield France.m4v Jane By Design 1x05 promo Episode 5  640 iso v2.mp4 Birds Eye.m4v Odyssee_Magique-BA-H264_320L.mp4 Adiantum Blue .mp4

Australian TV show Hamish & Andy 3 épisodes, in Paris & Alps

Documentart TV series Asahi TV

World Roads

various European countries &


TV movieGlass House NHK

in Brittany

TV movie Taros’Tower NHK

in Paris 1930’s

Japanese movie Adiantum Blue

on the French Riviera

US Corporate Icon bikes

Tours de France 2011 & 2012

Canadian documentary series

History Channel Secret Life

Marquis de Sade, Louis XIV,

Marie-Antoinette, Catherine II, Mata hari

70 mm feature documentary

The Magical Odissey / Vulcania Park

France, Iceland, French Guyana USA & Viet-Nam

Japanese TV ad Socié

with  Sophie Marceau

In  Monaco

director  Bruno Sauvard

US TV ad VIP perfume

with Usher

in Monaco

director Pierre Morel

Hamish   Andy - Andy Blind In Paris.mp4 World Roads.m4v Taro version courte.m4v Usher_VIP_54_SD520x390 663.m4v Icon Tour de France 2012.m4v Socie.mp4