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Eric CHABASSIER                                 www.eric-chabassier.com         eric.chabassier@orange.fr

13 Avenue Pauline 94340 Joinville-le-Pont                                                       Tél:+33 (0)6 07 73 67 07

                                                                         Born in 1961

                           Languages:  english, german, japanese, knowledge of spanish and italian


                               production manager / line producer

Since 2009:     collaboration with Froggie Production

1998-2008:     Nos Vos    chief producer / line producer

1989-1998:     free-lance production manager / coordinator

1987-1989: location manager or assistant-director / coordinator at EMA For YOU prod  

1984 -1986: location manager or assistant-director / coordinator at Transcontinentale Production


Filming  70 mm :  USA, Vietnam, Iceland, Guyana, Spain, Tanzania, Namibia, Zimbabwe, France

             35 mm :  Japan, Thailand, California, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria

                             Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain and Canary Islands, Portugal, Greece, Italia,

                             Guadeloupe, Czech Republik (and Czechoslovakia 1990)

   video, 16 mm :  Malaysia, Japan, Caribbean, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, Lesotho

                             Morocco, Tunisia, Italia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, Autstria, UK,

                             Belgium, Luxembourg, Irland, Monaco, Poland and Romania (1986). Scouting in URSS (1991)

                             See also hereafter , countries crossed driving off-road rallies TV cars      

          1200 hours helicopter charter, including 900 on board over 4 continents, fiction, documentaries and commercials         

                             Some 35mm underwater sequences in sea and swimming pools  


   -More than 200 TV commercials  for Japan, USA, GB, China, Thailand, France and Eurosport

                       by Japanese directors, and Dominic Sena, Pierre Morel, Gerard Krawzyck,

                       Jean-Jacques Beineix, Stephane Clavier, Jean-Luc Voulfow, Louis-Pascal Couvelaire,     

                       Bruno Sauvard, Jacques Steyn, Michel-Charles Gaffier, Simon Kentish, Patrick Ruffo...       

   - More than 70 corporate videos in 16 mm, Beta or HD for Japan, USA, GB, France and Turkey  

               - various TV programs and series for USA, Australia, Japan

   - 6 music videos

    - 35 still photo campaigns or catalogs for Japan, France, UK and New-Zealand  

     - 25 documentaries for Japan, GB, USA & Canada. In particular:

         2008      70 mm documentary The Magic Odyssey   Abog Sertis Production      director  Dominique Bénichetti  

                         for the Vulcania Park: a 7 year old child filmed around the world with helicopters, hot air balloon,

                                                                                                   microlight aircraft, rafting, snowmobile, dog sled, ...

        1994 to 98       Birdfs Eye series : 11 x 52f  helicopter on 4 continents 16 countries   Fuji TV director Y. Kano

         Started again in 2013 in HD :  France, Spain, Italy, Iceland

        1989    feature-documentary / « Total cinema » experimental filming:     

                    360 all axis / 2 cameras 70 mm back to back with fish-eyes projected on a sphérical screen of 20 m in diameter

                    at the 1990 Osaka Universal Exhibition. Filmed in Europe and Africa                      director Nobuhiko Obayashi          

                    Also in charge of developing the specific grip equipment: 400 kg gyro-stabilized wing 30m under helicopter        

                                                                                          dolly auto-motive on suspensions, HF controls...

      - some features:

         2012-2015 US TV series Covert Affairs ( dir. Doug Liman), Parks & Recreations, Jane By Design, Marvel Shield ( dir. Joss Whedon), Perception, Hannibal, Royal Pains, Baskets

          2015 Short-film French Kiss 25mn for the Marriott Chain

         2013 Japanese TV drama The Glass Hous

         2010 Japanese TV drama Tarofs Tower

          2005       Feature-film  Adiantum Blue                                                                                 director A. Fujita

          2004      TV drama: The 2002 Soccer World Cup (Korea-Japan fight for the Cup organization) dir. A. Fujita

- Rally-raids:

  Dakar-Agadez-Dakar 1997 Rally       Hino Trucks Team coordinator:                3 of the 4 team trucks on the podium      

  Grenada-Dakar           1996 Rally       Hino Trucks Team coordinator:                                            truck class winner    

  Paris-Dakar-Paris       1994 Rally        press-car driver / navigator, Nissan Nok team              13 000 km, car at goal

  Tunisia       1993 and 1996 Rallies       organisation driver, in Charge of Motorcycles Competitors Relations      

   Paris-Moscow-Beijing 1992 Rally       TV car driver / navigator, NHK coordinator                 16 000 km, car at goal   

   Paris-Le Cap              1992 Rally        video car driver / navi., Hino Truck Team coordinator  12 500 km, car at goal    

   Pharaohs                    1990 Rally        motorcycle competitor  ( took contacts with Japanese TVs)              retire after fall

        Countries crossed driving TV cars: Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Chad,          

                                     Cameroun, , Gabon, Congo, Central African Republik, Angola, Namibia, South Africa,         

                                     Poland, Russa, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, China

      1983:  Auxiliary tourist guide and part time work for a photo agency        

      1982:  DULCO of Japanese language and International Relations at the INALCO / Paris       

      1979:  Baccalauréat C       


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